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All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy; Jill too. While we work hard, we play hard too. Don’t get us wrong, we’re not all athletes. That’s not what Loose Cannons is about. It’s about doing things together, as a team, that we might not try on our own. Year after year we go beyond where we thought we could, stretching our minds and bodies (and hamstrings) with extreme challenges.

You’re probably asking yourself, “Can I be a Loose Cannon?” That depends. What’s your capacity for challenge and excitement?

Want to climb the cable at Half Dome? Ever think of enduring 24 hours of extreme terrain and 128 degree heat in the Mojave Desert? How about coming along on a quick 200+ ride from Santa Monica to San Luis Obispo?

Just ask yourself: Do you want to just have a job or do you want to accomplish great feats, bigger than anything you could have imagined doing on your own. That’s what Loose Cannons is all about.

Bike Infrastructure Event A Success!

As bicycle enthusiasts, we support our fellow bicyclist through social and educational events in the communities in which we serve. From cycling through northern and central California, to hosting Gear Up Expos to teach others about safety and support local vendors. Take a quick look at this clip from a recent Bike Month Event.

Just try catching this Loose Cannon

Cannon’s Jon Mungcal is a motorcycle enthusiast. Don’t believe me? Here’s some proof: Thunderhill Raceway in Northern California. Mounted on a custom 2005 SPEARS Racing bike SV650, Jon takes the hairpin turns on this 15-turn course like a pro. Take a minute to see what it really means to go extreme!

March of 2013—Mark your calendars!

You’ve seen it on TV: Energetic celebrities and hordes of local volunteers working together to build a house for a deserving family—all in two weeks! Now you have a chance to take part in the excitement and fanfare as the Loose Cannons together with the Home Builders Association take part in the upcoming Blitz Build to benefit Habitat for Humanity!

Curious about how you can you get involved? We need volunteers of all sorts: from framers to finishers, cabinet makers to cheerleaders, donations of supplies or money to plain ‘ole do-gooders—we aren’t picky, just come out and help in any way you can!

Scheduled to take place in March of 2013, the Blitz Build is the first event of this kind to take place on the Central Coast—don’t miss out on making history and the difference in the lives of others! For more information, you can contact Liz Moody at LizM@CannonCorp.us or visit Habitat for Humanity’s website http://www.hfhsloco.org/.

Road Rage Hits the California Coast Sept 28th, 2012

Want a challenge? Looking for your next adrenalin hit? Join the Loose Cannon’s cycling team “Road Rage” as we take on Hwy 1 from Santa Cruz to San Luis Obispo September 28th-30th. This cycling adventure will prove to be both physically challenging as well as awe-inspiring. From the elevation change of 3,500’ to the thrilling turns and curves, you better keep both eyes on the road ahead as well as one eye behind!!

Scenic, yes. Treacherous, yes. Overall awesome ride, yes.

The plan is to start in Santa Cruz, with about 67.5 miles to beautiful Big Sur. Riders will stay the night at Fernwood Resort in the northern part of Big Sur. The next leg of the trip will be another 67.5 mile ride down the coast from Big Sur to San Simeon, where riders will rest up for the evening. Finally, the trip ends with a “short” 43.5 mile cruise to the “Happiest Place on Earth,” San Luis Obispo.

The only thing that could go wrong is the weather but, as most of the Cannon team learned from SLOMO 200, that won’t keep this dedicated crew from achieving their goals! That is what being a Loose Cannon is all about—having fun in extreme conditions!

If you have any questions or want to meet the team somewhere along the trip, please contact Cara Martinez at CaraM@CannonCorp.us or (805) 544-7407.