It’s not just about keeping records.

Ensuring safety is critical; it’s not just about keeping records and implementing programs. Cannon has a “Zero Target” safety program which is intended to foster an injury-free, productive workplace. Our objective is zero environment, health, and safety incidents related to our operations, products, and services. Cannon understands that strict safety guidelines, root cause analysis, and continuing safety training results in an excellent safety record which is necessary for preferred contractor status by many of our clients. Providing a safe work environment is a necessity when protecting our employees and clients from a variety of complex project conditions. We are committed to providing a safe and healthful workplace, incorporating “best practices” in our policies and procedures, and identifying and correcting risks. As a result, we are proud to have earned the industry’s highest safety ratings and our Experience Modification Rating (EMR) places us as a leader amongst our peers.

In addition to providing an attractive, safe, and healthful work environment, we encourage and support employee health and wellness through a wide variety of fitness related company activities throughout the year.

Safety and wellness are more than just policies at Cannon. They are cornerstones to how we work in the field and in our offices.