Since 1976, Cannon has been providing Reliable Responsive Solutions to clients in land development; oil and gas production and distribution, power generation; public infrastructure; education; as well as aerospace and defense.

Our staff of professionals includes registered civil, mechanical, electrical, and structural engineers; licensed land surveyors; instrumentation and controls (SCADA) specialists; construction managers; funding administrators; LEED accredited professionals; GIS specialists; and planners.

Cannon has earned a reputation for excellence, skillful organization, efficiency, precision, and innovative design solutions. We believe in establishing ambitious goals; then reaching them aggressively and with integrity; fostering a collegial environment in which we thrive on meeting challenges through teamwork and dedication. Cannon actively supports our clients by constantly looking for ways to add value to projects. Our approach to projects emphasizes safety, operability, and maintainability while not losing sight of our client’s need to manage project cost.

Cannon’s business strategy is to build long-term relationships with its clients as well as its associates. With more than 30 years in the industry, we have attracted and retained clients by providing added value and great customer service. The combination of loyal clients and professional growth opportunities enables Cannon to attract and retain the top talent. As a result of this business strategy, Cannon is prospering in diverse markets throughout the Western United States. Our network currently includes offices in California.