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  • Surface Facility Design and Optimization
  • Heavy Crude and Tight Oil
  • Water and Waste Water
  • Process heating systems
  • Oil, gas and water separators
  • Gas dehydration/sweetening
  • Gas Compression

  • Natural gas storage
  • Pipeline facilities
  • Offshore facilities
  • Crude oil dehydration/treatment
  • Fuel gas treatment units
  • LACT and metering units
  • Cogeneration and Distributed Generation

Today I had a job walk for a project that Cannon put together. One of the contractors commented that the drawing package was one of the most complete and best drawing packages he’d seen in quite a while. Several other contractors echoed that compliment. I just wanted to pass that on to Cannon and say thank you for a nice drawing package. It sure made me feel proud to be part of the project.

– Randy Gloshen, Aera Energy LLC

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