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Construction Management

Construction Management

Construction Management


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Cannon provided construction management and inspection services to the City of Guadalupe for the rehabilitation of more than 3 miles of local roads and major regional transportation corridors throughout the city.

Scope of this $1.2M+ project included cold planing of existing asphalt, removal and disposal of lead contaminated thermoplastic, installation of Asphalt Protection Fabric, HMA overlays, Type II slurry seals, and extensive re-striping and pavement marking.  All manholes and utility valve covers are to be raised to match the new asphalt surfaces, and new painted stripes; thermoplastic pavement markings will be applied.

Some additional work to repair or replace damaged sidewalks, curbs and gutters was also performed. In addition to close coordination with the contractor and full documentation of construction activities and legal compliance, Cannon developed and conducted a comprehensive public relations program for the purpose of informing residents and businesses of upcoming construction activities and working with the contractor and residents to maintain continual access and use of the roads during construction.

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Guadalupe, California

Construction Management