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The Thomas Roads Improvement Program or “TRIP” includes a series of improvement projects deemed necessary to update aging infrastructure in areas stressed by years of rapid population growth, interregional travel, and freight movement. As part of the program’s collaborative effort between the City of Bakersfield, County of Kern, Caltrans, and the Kern Council of Governments, the Bakersfield 24th Street Improvement Project will significantly enhance some of the City’s major arterial roads. Cannon will conduct a land survey and right-of-way mapping for the project, as well as provide other survey services.

The proposed project will widen, realign, and restripe 24th Street from west of State Route 99 to east of M Street. In order to add two travel lanes to the roadway, 23rd Street will be realigned and restriped from west of C Street to east of M Street. The project will also provide improvements to the 24th Street/State Route 99 interchange, to the northbound State Route 99 auxiliary lane, and to the Oak Street/24th Street intersection widening. Last February the Bakersfield City Council adopted a resolution certifying the Final Environmental Impact Report for the 24th Street Improvement Project, and approved advancing the project to the final design and property acquisition phases. The project is anticipated to advertise for construction in mid-2015.

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