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This project consists of the following components:
· An offshore oil production platform located five miles off the coast of Vandenberg Air Force Base and south of the mouth of the Santa Ynez River.
· 12.4 miles of 20-inch steel line for crude oil, an 8-inch steel water transmission line and an 8-inch steel gas line. These three pipelines transport crude oil, water and gas between the platform and onshore oil & gas plant in Lompoc.
· 6.8 miles of 12-inch steel water line to connect the onshore facility to an existing 12-inch gas utility main. The point of connection is located along Route 135 approximately six miles south of Orcutt, California.
· 10.3 miles of 12-inch oil line constructed to parallel the water line, transporting product from the onshore facility to a pump station in Orcutt, California.

Both the 6.8 mile of water line and the and 10.3 miles of oil line start at an elevation of approximately 700 feet above mean sea level (AMSL), climb to the summit of Harris Grade at an elevation of 1100 feet AMSL and descend to an average elevation of 350 feet AMSL. In several sections, longitudinal slopes along the alignment exceeded forty-five percent.

Cannon provided engineering, planning and surveying services for different portions of this project including plan and profile drawings and traffic control plans; plans and specifications for access roads and maintenance facilities. Cannon investigated and mapped utilities within the construction corridor and assisted with route evaluation and coordination with regulatory agencies. Surveying included aerial and conventional topographic surveys; control surveys and monumentation; right of way determination; legal descriptions; construction surveying and as-built surveys. Cannon also provided construction observation and prepared record drawings.

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