Surveying and Mapping


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Cannon was selected to provide an American Land Title Survey and Boundary Survey (Record of Survey) of the Universities land parcels west of Camp San Luis Obispo. The project required performing detailed research of historical land title records and reviewing over 300 unrecorded survey drawings and deeds held by the Facilities Planning Department. In addition to the research and analysis of the Universities land records, Cannon obtained copies of City and County Records, Cal-Trans ROW Maps, Records of the State Park Lands, original Government Land Office Sectionalized Land Survey notes from the 1800’s, Recorded Parcel and Subdivision Maps, and Records of Survey.

Performing the boundary retracement survey of Area-II, involved review of original The project provided the University with a thorough and comprehensive understanding the extent of agricultural land area (over 3,000 acres), the legal ownership boundaries, identified all existing easements, leases, current land uses and potential encroachments. The ALTA and Boundary Survey provide an accurate basis for updating lease agreements and identifying areas where access and utility easements may need to be acquired. The data will also be used to update the Facilities Planning Department’s GIS and CAD systems.

The extensive cadastral surveying performed by Cannon provided a unique understanding of the key considerations for performing similar work for the University’s Main/Central Campus Parcels (Area-I).

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Surveying and Mapping