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The City of Anaheim is responsible for the safe and continuous operation of various facilities throughout the city, including City Hall and the Police Main Station. Anaheim wants to help ensure operators and personnel working in these facilities are safe and aware of the hazards associated with working on or near electrical equipment by conducting an arc flash hazard analysis. Cannon was selected to perform a system short circuit analysis, prepare an arc flash hazard analysis and coordination study, prepare a survey report and provide and install arc flash labels on the affected equipment. Cannon’s tasks performed on this project have included gathering field data by our in-house electrical engineer and electrician; analyzing existing documentation; researching older electrical components; and creating single line diagram models in SKM PowerTools power analysis software (SKM). After creating the models in SKM, Cannon will conduct a short circuit analysis and equipment evaluation; prepare a coordination study; conduct an arc flash hazard analysis per NFPA 70E-2018, IEEE 1584A-2004, and IEEE 1584-2002 guidelines; and create scenarios to calculate the worst-case arc flash hazard using SKM. We will create arc flash hazard labels for each MCC, switchboard, panel, and disconnect based on the worst-case incident energy calculated. Labels will indicate incident energy level, arc flash boundary, approach boundaries, and working distance, per NFPA 70E Section 130.5(D). Our final submittal will be a report summarizing our analyses and findings.

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Anaheim, California

Arc Flash