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Commercial Development


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Grand Californian Hotel: Cannon provided surveying and civil engineering design for this new 1,000-room hotel, including on-site grading, drainage, dry and wet utility design. This project required very close coordination with the adjacent California Resort Project, and off-site infrastructure improvements for the widening of West Street. We upgraded traffic and pedestrian flow between the new and existing hotels and enclosed parking beneath Downtown Disney. It also included coordination and site design for the monorail station at the hotel area. This project included design of a 100-year on-site storm drain detention with underground pumping system. Cannon used a hotel courtyard area to relieve the 100-year storm drain. The project included detailed grading, water, sewer and drainage design. Utility design challenges included covering of pipes for heavy truck loads in loading areas. All grading plans were designed at 10’ scale to clearly eliminate construction conflicts for wet and dry utilities including special landscape paving systems. Plans were processed through the City of Anaheim for this fast-track project.

Paradise Pier Hotel: Cannon provided civil engineering and survey services for parking roadway access and entry gate to the hotel including coordination of grading work with the landscape architect. This project was designed as part of the Downtown Disney project. Additional services included civil engineering, design survey, landscaping, and construction staking, and construction administration.

Disneyland Hotel Renovation: This project was a part of the California Adventure overall resort. Cannon provided civil engineering design for the existing 18-acre site. Services included demolition of existing buildings and hardscape, and on-site design for a new pool, administration building, exercise building, and main Resort Road dividing the hotel site and the retail, dining, and entertainment sections. This project required close design coordination with the landscape architect and water features consultant. The project also included design of a major utility corridor between Walnut and West Streets. Plans for this fast-track project were processed and approved through the City of Anaheim.

Downtown Disney Entertainment Center and Parking Facilities: Cannon was retained to provide surveying and civil engineering for the award-winning design of a 21-acre redevelopment retail, dining, and entertainment complex, which included 16 pads. To update the aging facility, the project consisted of the demolition and redevelopment of the existing dry and wet utilities. We used over 150 potholes to identify and verify existing vertical and horizontal locations of dry and wet utilities since existing records were poor or nonexistent. Services included on-site demolition, grading, drainage, dry and wet utilities, an underground parking garage, underground 100-year storm drain detention system, and a sewer pump lift station. One year after construction completion, Disneyland experienced a 100-year storm; during the event, the storm detention facilities and the system performed excellently. This project required close coordination with the adjacent Grand Californian Hotel and West Street improvements of the California Adventure Project. Plans were processed and approved on schedule for this fast-track project through the City of Anaheim. This project required a very detailed grading plan to show the paving system design and wet utilities. Precise grading was done at a 10-scale to show all details. All dry and wet utilities were designed in parking roof slots, which required a detailed structural utilities support design.

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Commercial Development