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The Carpinteria Avenue Pedestrian Safety Project included pedestrian improvements of approximately 1,200 feet of roadway frontage along the southwest side of Carpinteria Ave. This project was designed to coincide with a separate project to refurbish the City Hall Building. Cannon was selected to provide design and construction management services that involved upgrading the existing sidewalks to include ADA access, a new vehicle entrance, and a vehicle pull out for dropping-off children.

The project incorporated a tie-in to the existing bike path that approaches from the south side of City Hall, connects to the north side of the project, and allows pedestrians clear passage to the rest of the City’s sidewalk network. In addition, the improvements included pedestrian accommodation for a future skate park facility proposed for construction adjacent to City Hall.

Due to the amount of utility crossings and the traffic volumes on Madera Road, a proposed 20-inch pipeline was installed via Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) using PVC and Fusible PVC pipe. Cannon’s services included a topographic survey, utility research, structural design of piping on the bridge over the Arroyo Simi, design of the HDD pipe boring lengths, and coordination with Calleguas and end users. The longest boring of HDD was designed for more than 2,800 feet.

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