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A Central Coast-based mining and mineralogical plant is a leading supplier of engineered mineral products derived from diatomaceous earth and expanded perlite. Operating a global network of 26 production facilities, the company’s products are used for a broad range of purposes including filtration for liquid and solid separation, functional fillers for paints, coatings, polymers and elastomers, bioreactor support, and stimulating plant growth. The rinse filter press at one of their facilities was in need of replacement with a newer model of similar application at higher capacity. The new equipment required similar piping and valves as the existing equipment, but with different locations and minor process modifications. Existing equipment continued to be used until the new equipment’s final construction was complete and commissioned, at which point the existing equipment was phased out of service with minimal down time. Cannon was selected to provide investigative and preliminary engineering services for the existing equipment and new equipment locations, equipment and piping design including 3D modeling, and construction documents for development of a piping and equipment plan with elevation drawings.

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Lompoc, California

Mining, Minerals and Materials