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A diatomaceous earth mining operation on the Central Coast plans to install a new floatation(frothing) unit and a new supply tank (similar in application to the existing units) at its Lompoc plant. This first option for location of this equipment is beneath the current units which are located on a raised platform. The second option for location of this equipment is to create a new platform extending from the de-watering platform to the existing platform for the floatation units.  New piping lines need to be created for the unit and tank. The current pipe will be upsized and re-routed to accommodate the expansion. Upgrading the system with new equipment will streamline production. Cannon will engineer and design the location and piping for the floatation unit with supply tank and tie-ins to associated systems, which includes: 3D survey scan and modeling of site, piping layout, new pipe supports, modification to existing pipe and supports, project management, and preparation of construction drawings.

The project will be designed in three stages.  The first stage will focus on surveying and modeling the existing equipment and piping within the facility. Existing equipment and piping including the floatation units and supply tanks will be modeled to use for the construction drawing package. Final location of new floatation unit to be determined by the client. The second stage will focus on the new piping for the process piping connecting to the new floatation unit and supply tank.  This stage will include modeling the new piping and tie in points as well as developing piping plans.  The final stage will focus on developing construction drawings to design and develop the piping system at the facility.

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Lompoc, California

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