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A new Reverse Osmosis (RO) train was added to the Chino Basin Desalter Authority facility. The existing SCADA system needed to be updated with new controls and visibility for the new RO train. The SCADA system was partially commissioned by another integrator, but the commissioning process was not executed in an expeditious or quality manner. Cannon was asked to evaluate the status, recommend and discuss a path to completion, and complete the commissioning of the SCADA system associated with the new RO train. As a sub-contractor to U.S. Controls, Inc., Cannon developed most of the PLC and HMI programming offline and off-site to reduce the number of interruptions to operations. Cannon imported the programming into the online controller during a scheduled facility shutdown.

The new RO train control devices consist of a variable speed feed water pump, a variable speed booster pump with an integrated energy recovery turbine, and Rotork control valves. Instrumentation includes pressure, flow, and analytical (pH and conductivity) transmitters. Cannon successfully integrated the new instrumentation and control devices in the existing Quantum PLC and Wonderware application. The wiring and control loops were checked and modified as needed.

Some challenges came with this project. One problem was the fatal failure of the online Quantum PLC at the facility. This failure was presumably due to the age and amount of programming changes done over the years. Other challenges included the unique configuration of the Toshiba VFDs, the Rotork control valve network, and some discrepancies between the design drawings and the wiring loops.

Many parties were involved with this effort, including the owner and operator, the general contractor, the electrical contractor (U.S. Controls Inc.), Cannon, the Original Equipment Manufacturer, the Toshiba VFD technician, and the Rotork valves technician. Through collaboration and communication with all parties, Cannon successfully commissioned the new train and SCADA system.

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