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This goal for this project is to provide a reliable fuel gas pressure to the Plant’s 240 Mega Watt Electric power generator so that it can meet demand during peak power periods. The catalyst for this project was a large drop in delivered fuel gas pressure caused by the PG&E San Bruno pipeline breach and explosion. The potential of future instability in delivered fuel gas pressure would interfere with Crockett’s ability to produce and sell electric power to PG&E to meet its revenue plan. Crockett’s management decided to install a fuel gas compressor to ensure that they had the required high fuel gas pressure to meet all of the load demands on the plane.  Crockett called upon Cannon to assist, support, design and integrate the new fuel gas compressor into the cogeneration plant. Cannon took this project from the early conceptual design, provided permitting, structural engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and finally integrated the controls and safety aspects of the compressor into the Plant’s Foxboro DCS system. Cannon assisted in providing the specifications and locating the compressor, designed the foundation for the compressor skid, and designed the entire electrical infrastructure to deliver 4160 volt power to the soft start motor controller for the 1250 hp prime mover of the compressor. Additionally, Cannon designed the sound retarding compressor enclosure, it’s “lower explosion limit” detecting system and ventilation systems.  The plant was mature and all of the free space had been used up for other systems.  Cannon had to redesign existing piping systems to accommodate the moving of the compressor skid into place.  The compressor had to be disassembled and moved in piece by piece. Cannon designed the moveable crane rails, rerouted existing pipelines and routed the new gas line to accomplish the installation.


  •  Designed medium voltage infrastructure in a very electrically congested power plant to serve power to the compressor’s motor soft-starter.
  • Designed classified area power distribution, lighting and ventilation systems.


  •  Designed Modbus multi-drop network to capture data from added units.
  • Designed data formats with Invensys engineer to interface the compressor and related systems into the Foxboro DCS system.
  • Designed and installed interfaces through the plant to make the control system functional and useable.
  • Assisted Client in the start up and fine tuning of the remote control and monitoring of the Gas Compressor.
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Crockett, California