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Cannon works closely with PG&E to develop electrical energy efficiency incentives for clients in energy, public works, and industrial markets. Cannon’s role includes assisting the PG&E customer in participating and qualifying for available Customer Energy Solutions incentives. Specifically, this may involve any or all of the following tasks: assessing the existing condition; analyzing drawings and documentation; conducting analyses and assisting with incentive calculations; suggesting alternatives; preparing global efficiency recommendations for oil wells, field, distribution, and processing facilities and associated equipment and facilities; and verifying the installation of equipment or completion of engineering projects for PG&E customers.

To date, Cannon has provided services on over 100 projects for PG&E in multiple markets. These projects have included Pump Off Controllers, Variable Speed Drives, Viscosity Analysis, Rod vs. Co-Rod Analysis, and review of Rotoflex and Dyna Pumping Units.

The engineering support provided by Cannon includes the following:
· Energy Efficiency Report: Cannon assists PG&E when reviewing Non-Residential New Constructions Applications submitted by PG&E customers. Cannon reviews the project and develops a report documenting the energy savings. Based on this report, incentive payments are made to PG&E’s Customer following the installation.
· Post Field Inspections: Following the installation of the Energy Efficiency Measure at PG&E’s Customers facility, Cannon verifies the installation and recalculates the actual field savings for final incentive payments.
· Technical Advice and Research: Due to the complexity of the oilfield and the energy opportunity, Cannon has performed large field studies of new energy saving technology and equipment to verify their efficacy. This research includes publishing and presenting technical papers at the Society of Petroleum Engineers Meeting.

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