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When Golden State Water Company (GSWC) acquired the Cypress Ridge water system into their service area, it prompted an urgent need to update and integrate the existing system to function with their greater SCADA system. Cypress Ridge is comprised of nine well sites, four booster pump stations, and six reservoirs that help transport groundwater pumped from the Santa Maria Groundwater Basin to their customers. The groundwater basin is recharged from a collection of local drainage basins, streams, and creeks, as well as natural percolation from rain, agriculture, and domestic use.

Cannon provided a design-build project to establish the new SCADA system for Cypress Ridge. At the start of the project, the existing control system had limited alarming, but no real-time monitoring, and none of the Cypress Ridge sites had communication to GSWC’s main office in Santa Maria. To investigate, Cannon provided thorough Radio Path Surveys despite difficult terrain, and developed alternative telemetry design solutions, which included a hybrid solution between 900MHz radio and cellular communication methods. Using GE MDS Orbit radios, Cannon provided both technologies in the same radio, successfully establishing communication back to the GSWC office over 20 miles away.

Additionally, the upgrades required new instrumentation, new control panels with Modicon M340 Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC’s), new ethernet networks, redundant power supplies and power monitoring, and a completely new Wonderware System Platform 2017 SCADA system software. Cannon successfully implemented the hardware and software using standards developed from the SCADA Master Plan. The Cypress Ridge water system is now up to date and operating to bring water to homes and business throughout its service area.

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