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The Parkside Community in Ontario, California was originally slated for commercial use and transformed into a 31.5-acre residential development located alongside the main business and retail corridor.  Dakota’s neighborhood contains 93 homes situated close to freeways, Metrolink stations, and the Ontario International Airport.

Cannon prepared model and precise grading plans, in conformance with requirements by the City of Ontario (City). This project included designing to establish finish floors, grade to inlet elevation, and a private storm drain network as part of the precise grading plan. The plans also included the design of alley improvements (gutter, paving sections, sewer, and water). Sewer and storm drain stubs were provided to tract boundary by master developer for our connection. Plans also include erosion control and a model parking lot.

Cannon prepared Department of Real Estate (D.R.E.) exhibits depicting the common improvements (i.e. motor courts) and side yard exclusive use easements for each release and a detailed utility conflict exhibit inclusive of sewer, water, storm drain, and dry utilities (natural gas, cable, telephone and electrical service) within the motor courts. The dry utility consultant provided design plans and CAD files to Points-of-Connections (POC) and locations of all dry utilities.

Cannon obtained copies of record data maps with the City and the County of San Bernardino (County). Record data and the Tentative Tract Map were used to prepare the final map in accordance with the project Conditions of Approval. The Map was in full compliance with the mapping standards for the City and County.

Cannon processed the Tract Map through approval with the City and the County, and ultimately to map recordation.                                                              

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Ontario, California

Residential Development