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Watershed Management

Watershed Management

Watershed Management


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The City of San Luis Obispo constructed a public sports facility on 23.5 acre parcel of land within the City of San Luis Obispo, California.  This sports facility included four baseball/softball fields and three overlapping soccer fields.  In addition, this project included a 1500 linear foot extension to Prado Road, which is adjacent to the park; two bridges along Prado Road; an on-site parking lot for the park; and multiple pedestrian trails with creek crossings.

Cannon was selected to provide the engineering design and survey services for this project.  These services included preparation of plans, specifications, and opinions of probable cost for grading, drainage, off-site improvements, infrastructure and utilities.  Cannon prepared multiple storm event flood plain analyses of over 3000 linear feet of Acacia Creek and over 2000 linear feet of Orcutt Creek as they traverse and bisect the park site.  Cannon also prepared preliminary vertical and horizontal alignment alternatives for the Prado Road extension, bridge and pedestrian crossing schematics, and preliminary on-site improvement plans.

Of particular interest for this project is the flood plain analyses and grading designs that allowed for construction within a known FEMA flood plain without adverse impacts to upstream or down stream properties.  The project development program called for certain fields to be constructed outside of the flood plain while others were built within the flood plain boundaries and are inundated by occasional storm flows without undue damage.

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San Luis Obispo, California

Watershed Management