Design Analysis and Report Oil Field Project


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PG&E requested that Cannon determine the energy savings realized when operating oilfields systems with Energy Efficiency Measures (EEM). To do this, Cannon created a computer model of several scenarios using Rodstar modeling software. The models were based on a mixture of real world data and assumed parameters. The effect of the EEM on operations was simulated by adjusting stroke frequency among other variables.

Cannon found that implementation of EEM significantly reduced energy consumption. The conclusion was a total energy savings of nearly 3,200,000 kWh per year resulting in an annual avoidance in energy cost of nearly $300,000 using an estimated energy cost of $0.09 per kWh.

Cannon prepared a report containing information about the available EEM and their applications in the oil field. Detailed calculations, estimated annual energy savings, and an estimated incentive amount was included in the report, as well.

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McKittrick, California

Pacific Gas & Electric Company