Water Supply

Water Supply


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This Los Angeles County Waterworks District pump station provides 3,200 gpm and 1,500 gpm capacity to the 2555 and 2696 Pressure Zones respectively. In addition to the preparation of plans, specifications, and the engineer’s opinion of probable cost, the project included hydraulic analyses of the existing forebay reservoir piping and remediation of unequal tank levels during fill and emptying cycles. Cannon assisted in the hydraulic analysis of the existing water system; reviewed available pump test data; and assisted in generation of the final hydraulic system curves, which was used to select optimum pumping equipment. The scope of work also included selection of pumps, valves, control valves, flow meters, and design of piping, grading, paving, drainage, and appurtenances. Currently, Cannon provides construction engineering services for submittal review, RFIs, billing review, site visits, as-built drawings, and will assist with preparation of the final punch list.

In addition to the pump station, this project included the design of a chloramination disinfection facility, and coordination in conjunction with a subconsultant specializing in water disinfection. The facility will be operated by the Los Angeles County Waterworks District No. 40, Lancaster, California.

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Lancaster, California

Water Supply