Forensic Engineering


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EBMUD filed a lawsuit against Shell Oil Company regarding a $75 million product defect and fraud claim. On behalf of Shell Oil Company, Thelen & Reid selected Cannon to investigate and determine the cause of failing water laterals and later provide expert testimony for the defense team. The investigation included review of the American Water Works Association (AWWA), American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), manufacture specifications, and EBMUD standards for installation of water laterals, as well as research into the mechanical, chemical, and soil composition. The research also included review of EBMUD’s GIS data, pressure system analysis, and site specific conditions. Cannon provided technical oversight and assistance, conducted and coordinated all field work, and prepared data and court documents. To obtain hard evidence relating to the failure, Cannon coordinated and documented excavations exposing both failed and non-leaking water laterals. The Cannon team documented every layer and characteristic of material as geologists took soil samples and compaction tests at critical intervals throughout the evacuations. In addition, the excavation was documented through photos and video for reference.

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Oakland, California

Forensic Engineering