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Electrical Engineering


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Suburban Water Systems (SWS) provides water services to approximately 300,000 in the East Los Angeles area. With 18 wells, 32 reservoirs and more than 800 miles of pipeline, Cannon has maintained a service agreement with SWS since 2008. Throughout this time, Cannon engineers have prepared electrical and controls design plans and specifications for four pump stations and four wells (Well Nos. 2, 3, 8, and 9) throughout the client’s water system.  The electrical design included calculations, layout of electrical gear, coordination studies, and preparing technical specifications.  Due to specific pumping requirements, a number of these pump stations and wells were designed using variable frequency drives (VFDs).  These designs included specification of the VFDs, design for the controlled operation of the pumps, and design for interfacing with the existing SCADA system.  Additional services included construction support services on an as-needed basis.

Specific details of representative projects include the following:

Plant 205 Pump Station, Electrical Distribution and Backup Power Design

Electrical, controls and instrumentation design for their new Plant 205 Pump Station were necessary. The pump station consisted of two 200 horsepower motors controlled by variable frequency drives. The requirements of the pump station were to remain in operation during utility outages by providing the backup power design including a 250kW diesel generator with an 800 amp automatic transfer switch. Electrical design included preparing calculations, providing a coordination study, power distribution, layout of the electrical equipment, and the preparation of technical specifications. Construction support services were provided on an as-needed basis.

Plant 224 Pump Station, Electrical Distribution and Backup Power Design

Through the process of designing a new pump station and reservoir site, SWS required electrical, controls, instrumentation and SCADA panel design, along with the design of an emergency backup power plan utilizing a diesel generator and an automatic transfer switch. The pump station included two pumping zones and the backup power system was designed to provide power for either zone. The low voltage power and SCADA system was also designed to be powered by the generator. Close consultation with SWS determined the power, controls, and instrumentation requirements for the new pump station.

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Electrical Engineering