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Electrical Engineering


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Worsening fire seasons and new power shut off programs threatened Suburban Water System’s (SWS) ability to provide reliable water and fire protection during extended power outages. SWS needed to install emergency back-up generators at critical plant sites. Each site required individual attention due to geographical locations and differing sizing and requirements for house pumps and motors.

Cannon was selected to provide engineering design services to prepare plans and specifications for installing the fixed diesel generators. Cannon’s scope of the work included the design of the generator, upgrades, and modifications to existing electrical infrastructure to allow automatic switchover to a backup power source, as well as other required site modifications. The generators, which were installed at the various locations in West Covina, Whittier, and Hacienda Heights, supply power service for up to 24 hours at full load in the event of a power outage.

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Electrical Engineering