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This 3000-acre oil field is located in a pristine environmental preservation habitat adjacent to the Pacific Ocean. After 50 years of oil production, the leasee closed its operation. A production infrastructure of 168 miles of pipelines and 240 wells required deconstruction. After much characterization studies, Unocal determined that diluent plumes existed under approximately 187 acres of the oil field. Remediation projects included full excavation of plumes and/or sumps, partial excavation with in-situ recovery systems, active product recovery, bioremediation of excavated soils, and other actions approved by the RWQCB, such as in-situ remediation, biodegradation in the Land Treatment Unit (LTU), and phytoremediation. Cannon was selected to provide engineering, surveying, and permitting and compliance services for this project. The scope of work for this project included an implementation plan; preparation of plans and specifications for grading and drainage for removal of approximately 300,000 cubic yards of hydrocarbon affected material and 30,000 cubic yards of sump material; road construction; layout of approximately 7,000 wall feet of sheet pile; emergency permitting and agency approvals; construction management; and pipeline abandonment. The project cost was more than $20M.

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Guadalupe, California