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Construction Management

Construction Management

Construction Management


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Cannon provided construction management and inspection services for the City of Guadalupe on its Highway 1 Federal Transportation Improvement Program Earmark Project. This project consisted of removal and replacement of raised and broken concrete sidewalk on Guadalupe Street (SR 1) and installation of more than 1050 ft. of large diameter RCP storm drainage, catch basins, and utility relocations. The work also consisted of drainage improvements, such as cross gutter revisions, driveway widening and reconstruction, and new drainage inlets to eliminate stormwater surcharges and ponding.

Special construction requirements were incorporated regarding work within a busy commercial business area and agricultural commerce thoroughfare.

In addition to the construction management services provided to the City, Cannon also provided funding administration related not only to this project, but for upcoming projects as well. This includes obtaining construction funding authorization, preparing and processing the Caltrans Award package, preparing progress and final invoices, and preparing the completion package.

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Construction Management