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Highway 46 stretches from the central coast near Cambria, connecting to the US 101 in Paso Robles, and continues east to San Joaquin Valley. Both Highway 46 East Corridor, a major gateway from the Central Valley, and Highway 46 West had experienced significant increases in traffic levels and a deteriorating level of service for over a decade. The City of Paso Robles needed to construct major improvements and modifications to the East and West corridors to improve local, regional, and interregional transportation circulation.

Cannon was selected to provide construction management services for the Highway 46 East and West improvements. The East Corridor improvements were funded through a grant from the State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) administered by San Luis Obispo Council of Governments (SLOCOG). This project included installation of an additional southbound left turn lane from the 46 East onto southbound US 101 and construction of a second lane and auxiliary lane at the southbound on-ramp to US 101. The existing off-ramp at 16th Street was abandoned and a new on/off ramp and signalized intersection was installed at 17th Street.

Other new road construction and street enhancements included widening the 13th Street bridge, installing Type 60 (Mod) Barrier, reconstructing four signalized intersections, and ramp meter installation.

The West corridor also required improvements to the geometrics and signalization. The project included disconnecting Theatre Drive from its original location and realigning it approximately 900-feet west along Highway 46. By doing so, the City benefited from a reduction of existing and projected traffic congestion, improvement of traffic operations, and reduction of delays at the interchange. This project was funded through ARRA, and additional coordination with the City was necessary to ensure all aspects of funding compliance.

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