Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering


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A statewide water company owns and operates the Holabird Treatment Plant in the City of Calipatria, California. In the event of a power outage, the plant relies on two stationary diesel emergency back-up generators. The company determined both generators should be upgraded. While they owned one 250kW generator, a second stationary diesel generator was needed to operate the remaining loads. To adequately size the second generator and keep the energy capacity below their requested cap of 538 bhp (brake horsepower), Cannon reviewed the electrical load for the second generator and conducted a load analysis of the 250kW generator to determine if together they could be used as backup power. Cannon also prepared an engineered design to guide installation of the generators.

Cannon’s design services for the installation of the generators and transfer switches included electrical and structural engineering. The electrical design team performed electrical calculations, created conduit and wire distribution designs, placed generators in compliance with noise ordinances and fire codes, and prepared technical specifications. The structural engineering team analyzed the existing generators’ concrete pads to determine if they could be reused for the new generators. They found that new structural calculations, drawings, and technical specifications for concrete foundation designs were necessary to support the stationary generator, fuel storage, and automatic transfer switch.

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Calipatria, California

Electrical Engineering