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Pacific Gas & Electric Company obtained approvals to construct an Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installation (ISFSI) at DCPP.  Due to the uncertainty of a national repository for used nuclear fuel, this phased project allowed for onsite storage of all of the used fuel generated by the plant. Cannon was chosen to provide engineering and design services to help facilitate the transport of the 180-ton spent nuclear fuel rod casks from the reactor building area to the storage pad in the nearby canyon. Cannon’s scope of work included detailed drainage analysis and the preparation of plans and specifications for road designs, utility and drainage realignments, and retaining walls. Other work included excavation and grading plans to move approximately 100,000 yards of rock, permitting assistance, coordination with the San Luis Obispo County Building and Safety Division, assistance with the development of short and long-term strategies to achieve appropriate setback from areas affected by landslides and coastal erosion, and design of a fire water protection system to protect the ISFSI and Used Steam Generator Storage Facility.

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Diablo Canyon Power Plant (DCPP), ISFSI Area - Avila Beach, California