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The intersection of Central Avenue and H Street (Highway 1) operates at a level-of-service (LOS) of C/D during evening peak hour traffic. After the construction of future developments, the projected LOS is D. The City has adopted a circulation policy stating that they will maintain roadway and intersection traffic LOS of C or better throughout the City. To meet this policy, the City has determined dual north and south bound left turn lanes are necessary on H Street. They also found that the addition of a dedicated north-bound right-turn lane on H Street is necessary. Cannon prepared a conceptual design for this intersection as part of the construction cost estimate which will be used as a basis for determining developer traffic impact fees. The scope of work included planimetric survey and right-of-way mapping; utility research and mapping; site investigation and engineering review; conceptual design plans; consultation with Caltrans; construction quantities and cost estimate; and conceptual design, construction schedule; and a preliminary project report.

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Streets & Highway