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The team of Brown & Caldwell and Cannon provided surveying, designs, construction plans, and specifications for a replacement raw sewer lift station and new sewer force main at the City’s Water Reclamation Facility, near Laguna Lake. The new lift station, with a design capacity of 3800 GPM, replaced an undersized existing sewer lift station in the same proximity. The new system included three 30 HP vertical column pumps situated within a single 10,500 gallon wet well – each pump capable of 1900 GPM at 50-feet of head. The pumps discharged through 2,250 lineal feet of new 16” PVC force main that connects to an existing 54” public gravity sewer main. Providing temporary bypass lines and maintaining the operation of the existing lift station during the construction was a significant design consideration and project constraint, which was successfully overcome by the design team.

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