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The Lancaster Highlands project consists of approximately 4,200 homes. It is bordered by Avenues L and M on the north and south, and by 80th and 110th Streets West on the east and west. As part of the General Plan Objective, the City of Lancaster wants to reduce the per capita rate of water consumption through increased conservation, technology, retrofits and system efficiency to levels consistent with other desert communities.

Successful development of this project will depend greatly upon the ability of the project to acquire a primary water source prior to annexation into one of the water districts. Cannon assumed Project Management responsibilities for coordination with various design consultants and agencies including the Los Angeles County Waterworks District, Quartz Hill Water District, and the Antelope Valley East-Kern Water Agency to accomplish this task while providing engineering for infrastructure to serve the water requirements for the Lancaster Highlands project and the steps involved to establish the water supply system.

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Lancaster, California

This Los Angeles County project is designed as a sustainable community consisting of approximately 4,200 homes with a diversity of neighborhood types.

Residential Development