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Project Background: The Lost Hills Utility District owns and operates a large water system that provides potable water to the town site of Lost Hills,  the commercial intersections of Interstate 5/Highway 46 and Highway 46/Highway 33, and users along 20 miles of the Highway 46 corridor. The District also owns and operates the sewer collection and treatment facilities for the town site. As the District Engineer, Cannon provides services similar to a City Engineer such as planning, design, inspection, and administration of public water and sewer infrastructure.  Select projects completed or ongoing with the District are included

Cannon’s Scope of Work:
ECWAG – North and East Well Re-Equipping: Due to on-going drought conditions and a resulting 150-foot water table drop, the USDA provided a $500,000 emergency grant for upgrading and re-equipping these two existing wells. The pumping capacity had dropped approximately 100 gpm per well. Cannon provided preliminary design, project coordination, and construction oversight. The wells were deepened from 420 feet to 520 feet.

Well No. 3 Design: Drought conditions, increased service area growth, and aging wells prompted District Board members to prioritize firm capacity in the local water supply. Using an IRWMP grant provided by the Department of Water Resources, Cannon completed a new well design which was recently completed and is awaiting construction grant funds. The new well was designed with vertical turbine pumps and a VFD motor drive. Since the well will be installed within the District’s 80-acre well field site (surrounded by farm fields), the design is very straight-forward. The site includes an Arsenic Water Treatment Plant; arsenic levels are anticipated to be less than 10 ppb, however, if arsenic is present the existing treatment plant has sufficient treatment capacity.

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Lost Hills, California

Well Equipping