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The City of Ventura (City) needed to replace wells No. 2 and No. 3 to increase discharge from the mound groundwater basin. This project was part of the City’s efforts to improve the water system and sustain local resources. Cannon was contracted to work alongside the hydrologist to prepare well siting studies with plans for designing and locating the wells. Cannon prepared separate plans and specifications for equipping the wells with pumps and motors, discharge header piping, transmission mains, pump-to-waste discharge lines, electrical equipment, controls, SCADA, and site work for construction. The location of the well enclosures, electrical equipment, and miscellaneous on-site equipment was coordinated with City staff.

One of the challenges involved with this project was locating Mound Well 2 on Ventura County property without disrupting County operations. The selected site was in the corner of a parking lot and screened by existing trees. Cannon’s access studies for drill and maintenance of the well, along with perspectives of the final well enclosure, convinced the County that the well site was acceptable.

Mound Well No. 3 includes the valves and piping to be an Aquifer Recharge and Supply (ARS) well that allows the City to inject recycled water into the mound basin for future use. Cannon incorporated these additional components, which included the downhole control valve and associated control cabinets, by enlarging the building and rerouting the piping to accommodate the injection aspects of the well.

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