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The Monterey Regional Water Pollution Control Agency (MRWPCA) is the regional wastewater agency for Northern Monterey County, California. The MRWPCA also operates and maintains a recycled water distribution system (referred to as the Castroville Seawater Intrusion Project – CSIP) for the County of Monterey. Remote sites that comprise the CSIP are located throughout the surrounding agricultural fields, which are monitored and controlled from the Agency’s control room SCADA via serial ethernet radio. In 2014, the CSIP Polling Master Modicon PLC was replaced with an Allen Bradley ControlLogix PLC with a Prosoft Modbus gateway. This project entailed a new ethernet radio network, translating the existing remote PLC code, and installing the new PLCs. The project is set up so that the existing serial radio network and new ethernet radio network will work in parallel, and the remote sites can be upgraded individually. Cannon was selected to replace the existing Modicon Compact PLCs with Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLCs at 15 well sites, 9 monitoring stations, and 3 booster stations.

In 2016, MRWPCA chose to convert a SLC PLC to a CompactLogix PLC at the Castroville Pump Station. This migration entailed programming services for a new CompactLogix PLC and PanelView Plus HMI, as well as integrating a back-up PowerFlex variable frequency drive (VFD). Cannon was selected to provide programming services to assist MRWPCA personnel with this project. This included assisting with the conversion of legacy PLC programming, the development of a local HMI application, and the integration of the back-up PowerFlex VFD via ethernet communication.

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