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PG&E requested that Cannon determine the energy savings realized when operating centrifugal pumps on Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) control compared to operating the same pumps without VFD control.

Cannon calculated the energy consumption of a set of centrifugal pumps using an operating profile provided by the end client. Two scenarios were analyzed: one with VFD control and one with throttled control. In addition, Energy Efficiency Measures (EEMs) were considered, such as increased pipeline size and decreased operating pressure.

The conclusion from the analysis: installing VFDs on this particular set of pumps will significantly reduce energy consumption; additional EEMs do not offer substantial energy savings.

In the end, installation of VFDs allowed the end use to realize an energy savings of nearly 90,000kWh per year as well as a cost savings of nearly $12,000.

Cannon provided a detailed report regarding VFDs and their use on centrifugal pumps. Also included in the report: detailed calculations, estimated annual energy savings, and an estimated incentive amount.

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