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The City of Santa Monica owns and operates its water utilities and provides drinking water to residents and businesses throughout the city. To increase local groundwater production, the City re-drilled and equipped Well No. 9 and equipped two additional existing wells, Well No. 4 and Well No. 8, located in the Olympic Sub-basin. The City then needed to install transmission mains at each site to transport raw water pumped from these wells to the City’s Arcadia Water Treatment Plant (AWTP) for treatment and distribution.

Cannon provided design engineering services for the installation of 5,000 linear feet (LF) of new 16-inch transmission mains. As part of this project, the Olympic Main was slated to connect each of the three wells to the AWTP, with an estimated maximum flow rate in the transmission main was 2,000 GPM. An additional 500 LF and 200 LF of 12-inch main were also designed to connect the Well No. 8 and Well No. 9 sites to existing transmission mains in the surrounding area.

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Santa Monica, California