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The City of Soledad owns and operates the water and wastewater infrastructure and facilities within the City limits and is the sole provider of these services to both residents and businesses. To operate these systems and effectively transport water, the City needed resilient, secure, and easy-to-maintain SCADA system. This would provide a reliable and comprehensive tool to control and monitor their water utility systems.

Although the City had plans to update their SCADA servers and operating systems with an IT consultant, their SCADA system first needed configuration and training to onboard new SCADA software. The City selected Cannon as an on-call SCADA support consultant to provide ongoing maintenance and repair to the SCADA system. This included troubleshooting, supplying, installing, and supporting SCADA systems throughout the City’s water distribution system and water reclamation facility. Cannon was also able to provide additional services as requested, such as SCADA field assessments, master planning, infrastructure design and architecture, system integration and programming, and engineering construction services.

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Soledad, California