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Municipal Engineer


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Cannon is the District Engineer for the Lost Hills Utility District (LHUD). The LHUD owns and operates a large water system for providing potable water to the town site of Lost Hills, as well as for users along the commercial intersection of Interstate 5/Highway 46, Highway 46/Highway 33, and users along 20 miles of the Highway 46 corridor. The LHUD also owns and operates the sewer collection and treatment for the town site of Lost Hills. As the District Engineer, Cannon provides services similar to a City Engineer including the planning, design, inspection and administration of public water and sewer infrastructure. Project work for the District includes the following:

Development Plan Review: Cannon reviews residential, commercial and industrial development plans for conformance to the District standards.

District Engineer: Cannon attends monthly Board meetings and prepares the necessary staff reports for the Agenda. Cannon provides recommendations for connection fee rates as well as monthly sewer and water rates.

Water Master Plan: Cannon completed the January 2014 Water Master Plan for the LHUD system. The WMP report and Dewatering design were completed through an IRWMP grant. The WMP report resulted in a list of 8 capital improvement projects.

Funding Application: Cannon has assisted the District with application efforts for numerous funding sources at the local, state and federal level. As a disadvantages community, the District has pursued (and obtained) Community Development Block Grants, IRWMP grants, Prop 50 and Prop 84 funds, Small Communities Water Grant funds and USDA loan and grant funds.

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Municipal Engineering