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The Orcutt Hill Oil Field is one of the oldest, continually operated oil fields in California.  As part of a multi-phased project, Pacific Coast Energy Company contracted Cannon to assist with efforts to increase production from their Diatomite Formation and to integrate the facility operations with other formation production and with mid-stream transportation.

Currently in construction, the Phase II expansion improvements include a Water Plant, an Oil Plant, and a Steam Plant.  In addition, improvements to the electrical infrastructure as well as to the drill sites and field infrastructure are underway. Cannon was selected at the onset of planning for this expansion to work with Pacific Coast Energy Company’s Facilities and Operations Group to conduct a feasibility and economic study of the methodologies and costs of the various improvement options for continued development of the Diatomite field.  Once the conceptual designs are sanctioned, Cannon will provide detailed engineering design and construction oversight from start to finish of the constructed works.

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Orcutt, California