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The City of Long Beach has embarked on an extensive project to increase and improve pedestrian access and safety by bringing 10,000 existing curb ramps into compliance with the State of California Building Code (Title 24) and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Cannon was selected as part of the team to provide engineering design services for approximately 1,000 curb ramps per year for the 10-year contract. Management of this project includes a robust QC effort to confirm that the City is receiving high quality plans with minimal errors. Cannon’s ramp designs are completed with AutoCAD Civil3D and include the curb ramp layout, grades, elevations, dimensions, curve data, limits of sawcut, and gutter flow direction needed to coincide with existing conditions. Cannon’s services confirm that curb ramp designs align with the Long Beach Standard Plans Ramp compliance, which meet Federal and State accessibility codes, and ADA Standards and 2019 CBC Codes. HDR oversight review comments are addresses and the final plans and cost estimates are provided to the City.

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Streets & Highway