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The City of Pismo Beach needed to upgrade their existing PLC’s and HMI software at 23 of their water distribution and wastewater collection facilities because replacement parts were becoming difficult and expensive to find. Initially the City wished to replace the SCADA system using Allen-Bradley Compactlogix PLCs, which would integrate nicely with the Allen-Bradley Controllogix PLC’s in use at the Wastewater Treatment Plant. However, the initial cost of these PLC’s, IO Cards, and re-landing the instrument loops on the IO Cards was more expensive than the City had anticipated.

Cannon reviewed the City’s existing system during the proposal process and proposed an alternative design that significantly reduced overall project costs by replacing only the CPU of the PLC. The existing Base and IO Cards were reused, eliminating the need for rewiring. The City’s existing Think & Do HMI was replaced with the Wonderware ArchestrA Platform and now houses all three systems: Water Distribution, Wastewater Collection, and the Wastewater Treatment Plant. Programming the SCADA software included development of the HMI screens, alarm notifications and priorities, and reports. During the design and integration processes, Cannon implemented strategies so the existing SCADA system remained operational. Cannon also developed a training program for City operators.

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Pismo Beach, California