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In 2010, the City of Pismo Beach implemented a multi-phased project to revitalize their waterfront by updating the historic Pismo Pier, expanding the surrounding promenade and, most recently, adding the Pismo Beach Plaza. Cannon was contracted to provide all aspects of Construction Management for each phase, including construction engineering, construction inspection, materials testing, office engineering services, and funding administration.

The Pismo pier was originally built in 1924. Storms in 1983 washed out a portion of the pier at which time some sections were rebuilt, but much of it was left untouched. Around 2010, the Pismo Pier received a major facelift with the first phase addition of the “Promenade IV,” which included an elevated boardwalk expansion north of the existing pier to allow pedestrian access from 1st St. These project improvements also repaired and closed an existing stairwell through a large sea wall, which included installation of helical piles integrated into the new section of the seawall footing; and relocating construction of a new staircase and stainless steel railing from the boardwalk to the beach below.

Following a structural evaluation in 2015, the City moved forward with the next phase: improving the pier’s construction to mitigate potential damages from future storms that could render it unsafe for use. The project involved complete replacement of the existing pier, including 183 new steel piles, new timber caps, stringers, decking, guard-railing, firewater, sewer, and a domestic waterline.

Last but not least, the recently constructed Pismo Beach Plaza project upgraded and re-built the pedestrian plaza and parking lot at the base of the pier, including decorative lighting installed along the existing seawall; new cast-in-place concrete seating with decorative form work and tile inlays of ocean scenes; new showers and surrounding inlaid concrete flatwork; low impact development (LID) pavers; storm drain, sewer, and water system improvements; and underground storm water detention storage and infiltration; Upgrades also included construction of parking lot and pier plaza improvements, new restrooms, a beach access structure, (which includes stairs, ADA ramp and slide to the beach) and a playground.

Now, almost 100 years later, the pier continues to be a safe and fun landmark for the City of Pismo Beach, which bringing tourists from around the world to experience its ocean views.

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