Industrial Wastewater


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For years, a Central Coast oil and gas production company injected the majority of produced water from one of their off-shore platforms into one of their onshore fields in Lompoc.  Any remaining produced water was returned to the platform for injection into the reservoir. Since the Lompoc field was pressuring up, onshore injection was no longer seen as the most effective solution.  Cannon was chosen to provide potential solutions for handling up to 80,000 bpd of produced water from the field.  Solutions included separating and treating produced water on the platform and then injecting offshore; treating produced water at the onshore facility and anticipating future beneficial onshore use; and/or polishing produced water returned to the platform from an onshore facility for ocean outfall.  The scope of work included a completely engineered project ready for permitting, procurement, and installation.

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Santa Barbara County, California

Industrial Wastewater