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Cannon was selected by the City of Livermore to provide programming services for the WRP Rehabilitation and Process Improvements Phase 1 project. For this work, in 2016 the City hired Cannon to serve as their system integrator and programmer to support the contractor in implementing the upgrades required under this project. The scope of work included general project management, modifications to existing PLCs, new programming for an added headworks PLC, FAT testing, and modifications to the existing SCADA system application. The modifications to the existing PLCs included a migration from Allen Bradley PLC-5 to Allen Bradley ControlLogix at the Headworks facility. Cannon also commissioned the grit collection and disposal system; recycled water pump station; and sodium hypchlorite storage tank; and provided project close-out services.

Additionally, new equipment was added at the headworks implemented intelligent motor control strategies using Ethernet networks for control/monitoring of motors. These SCADA modifications ensured standardization, modernization, and reliability for the plant operations and maintenance. We were selected due to our understanding of the City’s process and SCADA system technology, and now provide on-call services on an as-needed basis for supplemental programming tasks.

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Livermore, California