Water Supply

Water Supply


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The Salinas Dam Booster Pump Station delivers the primary source of water for the city of San Luis Obispo. The booster pump station, originally constructed in the 1940’s, pumps water from Santa Margarita Lake up and over the Cuesta Grade, down into the City of San Luis Obispo. A 4400 gallon steel surge tank is utilized to control surges in the system that could cause potential damage to the downstream supply line. Regular up-keep and maintenance have kept the facility in good working condition, but there is a possibility of failure due to the aging equipment. Cannon was selected to provide engineering and construction engineering services for upgrades to the facility. Scope of work included a preliminary design and report; review and verification of existing facilities; surge analysis report; and preparation of plans, specifications, and cost estimates. Design services included survey of existing site conditions, coordination with utility providers, electrical design, and site and mechanical design. Bid support services included responding to RFIs; review of contractor submittals; identification of milestone inspections; attending key construction meetings; preparation of record drawings; and technical assistance to answer contractor and District questions. The structural inspection and tank coatings investigation confirmed significant tuberculation and metal loss on the interior of the tank. Rehabilitation was not an option in this case and the design of a new 4,000 gallon steel surge tank was incorporated.

Important Engineering Features

  • Designed 6,000 gpm pump station and appurtenant facilities
  • Used same footprint as existing building.
  • Design of new bladder style surge tank to control water hammer on the pipeline.
  • Designed to be taken out of service for only a minimal period of time during switchover
  • Has the capability to isolate sections of piping for maintenance needs.

Project Accomplishments

  • Met future water needs
  • Converted power supply from Primary to Secondary Metering to save operational costs
  • Prepared design that allows for a limited duration of downtime during construction of upgrades


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San Luis Obispo, California

Water Supply