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The City of Norwalk has water operations segregated across three different regions. As a result, the City has challenges with cost-effective water operations. In many cases, the City has to accept external sources of water due to limitations in their current system.  The City has endeavored to make improvements in their water pipeline infrastructure and their water SCADA system infrastructure to better control costs and streamline water operations. The first step to implementing a new City-wide SCADA system was to evaluate the existing infrastructure, identify the changes required to achieve the improved automation and operation of their system, and develop a plan to integrate all the sites into one common SCADA system platform.

Cannon performed a SCADA Assessment for the City of Norwalk that targeted a system with minimal existing SCADA infrastructure. We conducted site assessments and performed radio path surveys at all 28 site locations as well as evaluated field instrumentation, control system functionality, and telemetry across the city. As part of this evaluation, we objectively evaluated PLC and HMI vendor solutions based on City functional needs and life-cycle costs. Additionally, we evaluated multiple telemetry solutions and provided a recommendation for the best telemetry solution heading into the future. Cannon continues to work with the City to develop future SCADA implementations.

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Norwalk, California