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The Shell Beach Road Streetscape – Phase I Project (Project) is a major component of the City of Pismo Beach’s overall Complete Street Plan. The well-traveled corridor along Shell Beach Road lacked multi-modal transportation elements and was not allowing for connections to key destinations.

The Project involved the construction of a multi-use path placed along the east side of Shell Beach Road, along the Caltrans right-of-way boundary, to connect the Shell Beach Elementary School to Dinosaur

Caves Park. In addition, several other surface enhancements were needed, including ADA-compliant sidewalks and curb ramps, intersection bulb-outs for pedestrian safety and traffic calming, landscaping, streetscape furnishings and amenities, lighting, walls and fences, fresh pavement surfaces, new striping and markings, and public art displays. To offset parking lost due to construction, a parking lot was constructed.

The City retained Cannon to provide construction management, inspection, materials testing, and administrative services.  This project presented unique challenges in that a significant portion of the work (approximately 64%) occurred below the surface, in the replacement of underground utilities (water and storm drain) and the undergrounding of existing overhead utility lines (PG&E, AT&T, and Charter).

Cannon’s construction management team worked closely with field representatives from all local utility providers to surmount these complexities and to facilitate the overall success of Rule 20A undergrounding work.  Rule 20A undergrounding work for this project was unique in that the contractor was responsible for the installation of all trenching, conduit, boxes, vaults, and all appurtenances related to the undergrounding work within the City ROW while PG&E was responsible for all work within private property, installation of all new wire, removal of overhead lines, poles and related appurtenances. Because this project involved Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) that crossed Caltrans right-of-way, Cannon facilitated conformance to their Encroachment Permit requirements and road settlement monitoring.

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