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Originally constructed in 1923, the San Luis Obispo Water Resource Recovery Facility, known as SLO WRRF, is a wastewater treatment plant located on Prado Road. Owned and operated by the City of San Luis Obispo, the WRRF serves the City’s residents, California Polytechnic University, and the local airport. It treats around 3 million gallons of water per day that is either recycled or discharged back into San Luis Obispo Creek after treatment. In response to revised Municipal and Domestic Water Supply (MUN) criteria, and to increase energy efficiency, the City implemented a plan for upgrading the WRRF. These exciting upgrades represent a significant community investment and the City’s long-term strategy for resource management.

Additional project drivers included increasing flow capacity per the City’s General Plan, providing treatment to peak stormwater flows, addressing aging and out-of-date equipment, incorporating features that embrace the value of the WRRF as a community asset, increasing operational efficiency, controlling odor, and maximizing recycled water production. To help accomplish these goals, Cannon provided several services including automation and electrical engineering design for the facility. This design required modifications to existing SCADA system, implementation of intelligent motor control, upgrades to the existing fiber optic network and components, and integration of multiple advanced treatment package systems. The SCADA modifications increased information management tools, improved redundancy and reliability of PLC and network components, and upgraded alarm notification capabilities.

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San Luis Obispo, California