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A Central Coast oil producer wanted to integrate an innovative and complex set of data from their steam injection process into an existing ArchestrA System Platform HMI System at their plant, and selected Cannon to provide the PLC programming, Wonderware Development, and Systems Integration. The PLC programming  and HMI development was accomplished  using Add-On Instructions and ArchestrA objects which allowed the client flexibility to make changes on the fly as they bring new wells online that will be reusable in future steam injection projects. This system replaced a more expensive system traditionally used for this process. Having proven its worth, the company plans to expand this system to other facilities they operate.

The scope of work included design network topology to provide communication infrastructure between Rosemount Wireless Gateway, PLC, and HMI networks as well as coordination with the company’s SCADA group to program and develop repeatable routines for use in RSLogix 5000 programming that will provide flow calculations, data archiving, and alarming for the steam injection wells. In addition, Cannon programmed and developed a set of ArchestrA System Platform objects in order to provide Operator access to steam injection data. Cannon worked with operations personnel to design HMI screens that allowed for easy access to all necessary data and configuration of injection sites, and provided system integration services of PLC routines and ArchestrA objects into the Company’s SCADA system.

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Central Coast, California